Mini diggers Sunward and Takeuchi

Since 2007 we offer flexible hydraulic mini-excavators SUNWARD with super performance and since 2012 top mini excavators of Japanese brands TAKEUCHI.

World well-known brand diesel engine, pump, control valve and hydraulic components guarantee the high reliability of machines. Competitive prices and fully operational after sales support system are ensuring that the Sunward brand will become a well-known construction machinery’s name in Slovakia.

Japanese precision and perfection relationship with genuine components predispose mini excavators of brand TAKEUCHI to the top position in the world market. Company founder Mr. Akio Takeuchi developed and constructed the first minibager the world. The company supplies machines for the European market since 1971. Thanks traditions, the company specializes in developing and manufacturing mini excavators more than 40 years.

mini digger Takeuchi TB108

mini digger Takeuchi TB108

The TB108 is Takeuchi's smallest excavator weighing in at just 835 kg.

Its micro dimensions enable it to pass through a normal doorway (680mm), and its unique extending hydraulic tracks can then be adjusted full width (900mm), adding extra stability to its working dig depth of 1680mm.

  • 880 kg operating weight
  • 1680mm dig depth
  • 7.1kW engine
  • Two speed travel
  • Hydraulic track width adjuster
  • TOPS/FOPS canopy or ROPS structure
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mini diggers Takeuchi TB216, TB219

mini diggers Takeuchi  TB216, TB219

Takeuchi introduce the new TB216, 1.6 tonne mini excavator. A compact machine packed full of proven Takeuchi features available as Cab or Canopy option.The TB216 replaces one of the most popular models in the Takeuchi range, the TB016 - a favourite with tool hirers, utilities, jobbing builders and ground workers. Designed for maximum dig depth and dump height, the new TB216 has excellent working ranges and a powerful engine for 1.6 tonne machine weight class

TB216 Operation weight 1680 kg, Max Digging Depth 2790 mm, Height 2360 mm, Width 980/1300 mm, Engine Yanmar 11,5 kW.

TB219 Operation Weight 1890 kg, Max Digging Depth 2520 mm, Height 2360 mm, Width 980/1370 mm, Engine Yanmar 11,5 kW.

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mini diggers Takeuchi TB228, TB235

mini diggers Takeuchi  TB228, TB235

Takeuchi’s 3-tonne weight class machine is the TB228 weighing in at 2900kg.Compact stylish mini excavator designed for powerful dig performance with massive operating capacity in a compact sized machine.Designed for maximum operator comfort features include adjustable seat and arm rests, MP3 socket, increased foot room and good all round visibility.

Introducing the TB235 a versatile and powerful mini excavator. Weighing in at 3605kg, the new TB235 is packed full of performance. Designed for tough digging performance and powerful breakout force, the new design gives operators even more comfort and operating ability, with a roomy cab, comfortable adjustable seating and better positioned controls.

TB228 Operation weight 2800 kg, Max Digging Depth 2870 mm, Height 2445 mm, Width 1450 mm, Engine Yanmar 17,5 kW.

TB235 Operation Weight 3605 kg, Max Digging Depth 3400 mm, Height 2450 mm, Width 1630 mm, Engine Yanmar 21,5 kW.

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mini diggers Takeuchi TB250, TB260

mini diggers Takeuchi  TB250, TB260

Weighing in at 4980kg the new TB250 is one of the most compact 5 tonne excavators available. Packed full of enhanced features for heavy duty excavating the TB250 out performs in power  breakout force many other excavators in the 5-tonne weight class.Restyled for maximum operator comfort for all day operating the TB250 has a very roomy cab, plenty of foot room, good allround visibility along with useful features including: MP3 socket, more mirrors, armrests and adjustable seats.

Takeuchi have moved into 6 tonne category of excavators with the NEW TB260 excavator. It’s not just an expanded 5 tonne TB250, or a reduced 8.5 tonne TB285, the new TB260 is the first ever 6-tonne excavator from Takeuchi and fills the gap in this in-demand weight class.

TB250 Operation weight 4980 kg, Max Digging Depth 3785 mm, Height 2515 mm, Width 1840 mm, Engine Yanmar 28,4 kW.

TB260 Operation Weight 5270 kg, Max Digging Depth 3895 mm, Height 2600 mm, Width 2000 mm, Engine Yanmar 34,3 kW.

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Takeuchi Reduced Tail-swing excavators

Takeuchi Reduced Tail-swing excavators

In every weight class from 1.5 to 8 tonnes Takeuchi have a reduced tail swing excavator option.

Designed to meet the growing demand for a compact sized machine on-site, zero or short tail swing excavators offer massive benefits in restricted working areas. The upper cab structure only exceeds the machine track footprint by centimetres allowing operators to work, slew and rotate right up to walls or barriers without potential damage to the machine or buildings.

The FR full radius machines combine zero swing at both the front and rear with a unique offset boom. The offset provides far more flexibility than conventional machines - operators do not have to constantly re-position the machine - they simply re-position the offset boom anywhere across the front radius for an improved excavating position

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hydraulic excavator Takeuchi TB290

hydraulic excavator Takeuchi TB290

The TB290 combines all the proven characteristics of Takeuchi excavators - smooth hydraulics, powerful machine performance and good serviceability into a larger sized excavator.

The TB290 meets the growing demand for a compact Takeuchi operating in the 8-10 tonne weight class. Complete with a new turbocharged engine that develops more power and greater torque along with a well proven, high performance hydraulic system with improved power, cycle times and efficiency the new TB290 is a top of the range high specification excavator built for discerning operators and high quality plant hire.

TB290 Operation Weight 8800 kg, Max Digging Depth 4580 mm, Height 2250 mm, Width 2200 mm, Engine Yanmar 49,6 kW.

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excavator Takeuchi TB1140

excavator Takeuchi  TB1140

Takeuchi's TB1140 is one of the most compact sized 14-tonne excavators available.With a track footprint of just 2490x3490mm the TB1140 offers unrivalled accessibility on built-up construction sites, providing massive powerful excavating in a very compact 14 tonne excavator. The largest Takeuchi excavator available the TB1140 offers a massive 98.7kN bucket breakout force, providing the power required for large groundworks.

The TB1140 has proved popular with the specialist ground engineering companies looking for a high specification machine that combines accessibility - the TB1140 gets 14 tonne performance on every size of site. A very comfortable isolated cab - minimises vibration and noise levels within the operators station for added comfort.

TB1140 Operation Weight 14 230 kg, Max Digging Depth 4990 mm, Height 2785 mm, Width 2490 mm, Engine ISUZU 62,2 kW.

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mini digger Sunward SWE17/18

mini digger Sunward SWE17/18

From the model series of the mini diggers 1,8T; two versions are available – SWE17 and SWE18. The difference between them is in drive-axle assembly and hydraulic system. The SWE18 uses economic three-cylinder engine PERKINS 403C-11 and hydraulic system Eaton-Japan. The second mini digger, SWE17 uses engine YANMAR 3TNV70 and hydraulic system from a world-known brand – KYB.

The digging depth of 2160mm and BREAKOUT FORCE of the bucket 13,1 kN are a guaranty of a very good working performance. These models, as well as the whole series, are equipped with a comfortable and safe cabin with heating and radio. The ergonomic control by joysticks allows very accurate and sensitive manipulation. Using a single button, the width of chassis can be adjusted, too. The mini diggers are also equipped with additional hydraulic circuit that serves for attaching other accessory devices.

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mini digger Sunward SWE25

mini digger Sunward SWE25

A new mini digger from 2,5ton-category is now available – mini digger SUNWARD SWE25. The capacities and uses of this machine are extended due to the new concept, modern design and the function of swing boom/”out-off-axis digging”. The compact dimensions and small turning radius allow the operation even in restricted spatial conditions. Other characteristics include: unique and sturdy construction of the rear part that is shock-resistant, strengthened engine hood, and comfortable sensitive operation – arm supports for convenient handling.

Service weight: 2580kg
Digging depth: 2375 mm
Breakout force: 9kN
Front turning radius: 1050mm
Engine: YANMAR 3TNV82A (1,331L, 16kW/2200 RPM)
Piston pump and working hydraulics: KYB Japan
Dumping height: 2812mm
Extension of the front arm: 4317mm

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mini digger Sunward SWE38

mini digger Sunward SWE38

The SWE38 belongs to the 3,8ton-category with the digging depth of 3077mm; and is an excavator of a modern series with zero overhang of the rear part and with a small turning radius that makes this machine suitable for work in restricted spatial conditions. The travel can be controlled either by manual levers or foot pedals, whereby the second possibility allows the operator to use hands for the control of working functions by the joysticks. This is especially important during operations on steep slopes; or while loading or unloading the machine from a trailer or lorry. The pedal-control is also more comfortable for longer distances.

The basic bucket with capacity of 0,11m3 and the breakout force of 26,4kN allows precise work with minimal consumption of operator labour in a comfortable, air-conditioned cabin with great ergonomics.

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mini digger Sunward SWE55

mini digger Sunward SWE55

The SWE55 belongs to the 5,0ton-category with the digging depth of 3302mm. The travel can be controlled either by manual levers or foot pedals. The machine is equipped with the function of “swing boom” or “out-off-axis digging” during which the arm can be leaned leftwards as well as rightwards. This function is, of course, fundamental for all other mini diggers SUNWARD.

The driving unit YANMAR (power: 29,2kW) is compatible with the hydraulic system KYB – has a variable system of regulation of engine revolutions which are dependent on the actual power need of the hydraulics – what decreases emissions and consumption of energy.

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mini digger Sunward SWE60

mini digger Sunward SWE60

The SWE60 belongs to the middle class of diggers – so called “mididiggers”. It is a representative of 6,0ton-category with the digging depth of 3705mm. This digger is frequently used for tougher operations that require high digging power for long-term working load. It is suitable for building the infrastructures as canalization, roads or in building activities as excavations, ground levelling or others.

This series of diggers uses engine CUMMINS 2300T with power of 40,5kW/2200RPM. The breakout force of the bucket is 39,8kN. And the power of variable two-piston pump with one gear pump is 2x60L + 42L – what ensures the possibility of attaching powerful additional equipment as a demolition hammer, sloping bucket or a drilling device.

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mini digger Sunward SWE70

mini digger Sunward SWE70

The SWE70 from a 7,0ton-category with the digging depth of 3 935mm is a true representative of “high effectiveness and excellent performance”. It is highly utilisable in long daily working cycles as building a highway, respectively the work based on “dig out and load” tasks.

This sturdy machine with good pushing force is suited for levelling the terrain or preparation of a construction site. The SWE70 series uses engine YANMAR 4TNV98 with power of 43kW. The breakout force of the bucket is 42,6kN. The version with the function of “swing boom” or “out-off-axis digging” is available on demand.

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In construction industry a combination of compact mini excavator and skid steer loader proves as good choice since it gives a great range of usability of the bucket and tunnelling machine (so-called excavator – loader combination).

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